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Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:03 -- dawahnigeria

All praises be to Allaah. May His peace and blessings be on His noble Messenger, his household, his companions  and whoever follows his footstep till the day of reckoning.

Great to know that dawahnigeria is still alive! With the mercy of Allaah and the assistance of the Ummah, our beautiful garden just survived a brutal dry season. Our flowers almost dried up. In fact, the soil was already cracking! Too bad, this experience is seasonal; in our own case, monthly! We need to wet the grass, fuel the tractor, weed the field, water the crops and probably keep planting more. Dawahnigeria does not need to survive, it needs to keep surviving and making good progress in pushing pristine "dawah to the people".

Basically, monthly, we spend on:
Hosting:                           N35,000 ($230)
Internet bandwidth:        N20,000
Paid volunteers:             N30,000
Miscellaneous:               N10,000
Total                                N95,000

Apart from the monthly expenses, there are other expenses when we incur when we implement new initiatives or make purchases like

  • DN disc packages
  • DN Quiz
  • Digitization of An-Naseehah, Legacy and Deen Digest
  • Recording of Quran recitation from various scholars / Qaari
  • Inverter
  • Generator and buying fuel
  • Numerous laptops and modems
  • Stall / Outreach + promo materials (like at the recently concluded MPAC convention)

To make continuous donations easier, you can download and fill our Standing Order form to be given to the bank to instruct them to pay a specified token to our account monthly. We also have a recurring Paypal form to automate monthly donation. You also be our "mouth and mail ambassador", spreading this word across board till it gets to those who would help.

Apart from the information above, we also have the following updates:


And all power and glory belongs to Allaah

Jazaakalloohu khayran


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