Alhamdulillaahi, we are back online!

Sat, 06/18/2016 - 21:42 -- dawahnigeria

#Check last paragraph

It was a tough battle.

Bothered by the "go-slow" affecting our WoWs, we relaxed our server "rules of engagement" to gain good speed.

4 days ago, we got into trouble; REAL trouble with our main server. Initially it was the database that got corrupted, then the server itself 'packed up'.

Come see tension!

Calls started coming in from several countries. Interestingly, we never knew we were this loved! :)

If not for Allaah, and then some geniuses, it would have been bloodier. Few hours ago, we won!


We won the battle, but not the war!

Sadly, we go through similar experience almost all the time to meet our monthly obligations. At times, we get to the point of near-extinction. The current dollar wahala added petrol to the fire. Allahu l musta'aan.

Our needs are documented here -

Join me in pledging to support the DN project monthly with a token. One-offs too are appreciated.

To ease the task, you can setup a STANDING ORDER with your bank (download form) or setup a Paypal monthly auto-deduction (click here).

Please click here for more information -


Apologies once more for the downtime. In sha Allaah, it wouldn't happen again.


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