Benefits of logging in on the dawahcast portal

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 15:42 -- dawahnigeria

Logged in users would be able to do the following:
- Sure, you might not have the time to load every minute to stay on top of recent audios from your favorite resource person; why not subscribe to mail notifications? You can subscribe to new lectures generally or updates from specific categories like language, resource person and other categories. Please view Screenshot 1 below for more information.
- Seen an interesting lecture and you do not have time to listen now or you probably want to keep an interesting lecture around you to listen again? Just add to your personalized playlist. View this as your scratch-pad to "store" audios or serve as a wishlist. The audios are listed in a table format that can be arranged through the drag and drop interface. This personalized arrangement can be saved for future access. Logged in users have the advantage of having their playlist preserved for them even after they log out and come back XYZ years time. You can easily add and remove audios from your playlist. Click the "my playlist" link on the top menu bar to access the page. Please view Screenshot 2 and 3 below for more information.
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