DN 1437AH - A Glimpse into the WoWs

Mon, 06/06/2016 - 14:41 -- dawahnigeria

AlhamduliLLaahi, we have been given that special favour of witnessing this Ramadan!

DN is starting this year's Ramadan with an apology.

Due to shortage of resources, we are starting with a 'glimpse' into our WoWs.

Hoping in Allaah, and then getting more funds, we hope to push out more of the WoWs gradually.

Watch out for our mails titled "WoW alert"

Our e-Tafseer project remains our most prestigious jihad! 

This year, we are shattering our previous records with almost 40 locations, more languages, more audio LIVE streams and debuting VIDEO streams. Aren't you wowed? ^ _ ^ .

Please visit http://dawahnigeria.com/dawahcast for updates/links to the streams and recordings.

LIVE Video Streams (plus recorded sessions)

  • Dr. Basheer Aliyu Umar (Hausa, Kano)
  • Ustadh Umar Dada Paiko (English, Niger)
  • Ustadh Luqman Idrees (Yoruba, Akure)
  • Alh. Rasheed Buwayb (Yoruba, Iwo)
  • Ustadh Rasheed Mudathir (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Ustadh Sa'eed Hamzah (Yoruba, Lagos)

LIVE Audio Streams (plus recorded sessions)

  • Barr. AbdAzeez AbdSalam (Yoruba/Hausa, Nasarawwa)
  • Ustadh Muslih Ibraheem (Yoruba/Hausa, Nasarawwa)
  • Ustadh Sulayman Hamzah (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Ustadh Qamorudeen Bello (Yoruba, Akoko)
  • Ustadh Habeebullah Al- Edewiy (Yoruba, Ede)
  • Ustadh AbdGaniyy Jum'ah (Yoruba/English, Lagos)

Recorded Sessions Only

  • Barr. Ahmad Sayi (English, Lagos)
  • Ustadh Isma'eel Ibn Muhd-Raji (Yoruba, Kwara)
  • Ustadh AbdWaasi Eleyinke (Yoruba, Iseyin)
  • Ustadh Rasheed Hashim (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Dr. AbdRazaq AbdMajeed Alaro (Yoruba, Ilorin)
  • Dr. Sharafadeen Raji (Yoruba, Ogbomosho)
  • Dr. Isma'eel Yunus (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Dr. AbdJaleel Alagunfon (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Shaykh AbdWahab Ajia (Yoruba, Ilorin)
  • Ustadh Ajimoti (Yoruba, Ogbomosho)
  • Dr. Faadhil (Yoruba, Osogbo)
  • Ustadh Ibrahim Saalih Oganija (Yoruba, Lagos)
  • Ustadh Abd Rauf Ballo (Yoruba, Lagos)
  • Ustadh Muhyideen As-Sudaani (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  • Ustadh AbdFattaah Sarumi (Yoruba, Ilorin)
  • Dr. Rasheed Abd Ganiy (Yoruba/Hausa, Gombe)
  • Prof. Rijiyar Lemu (Hausa, Bauchi)
  • Dr Isa Pantami (Hausa, Bauchi)
  • Shaykh Muhammad Bn Uthman (Hausa/English, Kaduna)
  • Shaykh Musa Asadus-Sunnah (Hausa, Kaduna)
  • Shaykh Muhammad Khamis Al-Misriy (Hausa, Kaduna)
  • Shaykh Shuaib Saalih (Igbira, Lagos)
  • Ustadh Sulaiman Ahmad Tijani (Igbira, Lagos)
  • Ustadh Raheem Momoh (Bariba, Lagos)


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  • Account Number: 0051271861
  • For more donation channels, please visit Support | dawahnigeria.com http://dawahnigeria.com/support


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