DN Studio Launches Its 1st Complete Quran Recording

Wed, 06/21/2017 - 07:23 -- dawahnigeria

Alhamdulillaahi, what started around 2 years ago has finally finished.
[Pls Read Last Line ]
DN Studio finally launches its FIRST COMPLETE QURAN RECORDING for Ustadh Ibrahim Muhd'Awwal - download here http://bit.ly/2jvg91w
But for the numerous delays experienced, it would have been the first recording of complete recitation in the whole of Southern Nigeria!

The vision of DN Studio is to seek and trap as much of indigenous gems as possible in the forms of rich multimedia.

Guess what, we have not even started.
In sha Allah, we are in this for a marathon and not a sprint.

We learnt a whole lot of lessons during the unnecessarily long recording cycle of Ustadh Ibrahim Muhd'Awwal.
We hope to be able to churn out recordings in quicker cycles going forward, in sha Allah.
Our goal is to produce 2 more complete Quran recordings before Ramadan, in sha Allah. We are also making progress on our AudioBook project; lots of progress. We have read 6 more books into audio in Yoruba, we are currently editing and looking for people to read other languages (Pidgin & Hausa).

Have you ever imagined that the recordings of people like Shaykh Khalil Husori, Matrood, Hudhuyfi, Sudeis, Minshaawi, Ayyub and others were actually done in a studio somewhere on the earth. Some of these reciters are dead but their works would probably remain till the end of time.

DN Studio has a mandate to "seek & trap down" OUR OWN indigenous gems. Our slogan is "...crafting native treasures".

Why is it that we have NO standardisation (tajweed) and complete recording of our own ADABY, MARKAZY and other intonations?

Alhamdulillaahi, our Hausa brothers are trying. But then, why do these resources have little local and international prominence?

These are huge initiatives we hope to take on, in sha Allah.

We believe that we are not alone on this struggle. Together, lets build a Quran Legacy For Nigeria (and for ourselves)

We have set the ball rolling.


Of course, we are so small (as in very tiny) and with little resources but with the help of Allah then our collective support, we would get there. 

We need help. Our mini-studio's infrastructure is falling apart and needs help.

Below is an overview of DN Studio's critical needs, really bare-bone without any fluff.


2 (Tokunbo) Laptops      100,000
Studio restructuring         45,000
Extra Mixer & Mic             85,000
Midget Recorder               25,000
                 Total            255,000

Ongoing (Monthly)

Stipends for Studio Crew  30,000
Logistics                           20,000
                Total               50,000


To support the initiative, please visit http://dawahnigeria.com/support for various donation channels.

Do you want to donate small amounts (1k ,5k etc) monthly?

You can also setup a direct debit for automated debit with Paystack or download and submit a standing order form with your bank. Please visit the DN Support page for more information.


For enquiries and clarifications, please contact us.

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