The Edawah Foundation partners with Stunnix on dawah packages v1.1 - faster and with broader compatibility (Windows 32/64bit, Mac, Linux)

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 21:55 -- dawahnigeria

The version 1.0 of dawahnigeria-ON-DVD and discs was produced in Ramadan 1434AH and widely distributed free of charge across the nation. Following closely, we got numerous feedback messages from people. As excellent as the content of the discs were, a known compatibility limitation seemed to have more effect than expected. The web server used had an inherent limitation of being compatible only with 32-bit Windows computers. This cut off a huge chunk of the audience, considering the fact that most computers manufactured in recent times are 64-bit.
This unfortunate development prompted our IT team to go back to drawing board to re-evaluate our options and come up with alternative implementation strategies, leading us to a company called Stunnix ( ). All fingers pointed back to them as a way out of our current challenge. Interestingly, they offered us an advanced web server that even supported other operating systems like Mac and Linux!
The Edawah Foundation is proud to announce the launching of version 1.1 of our disc applications. This version is significantly faster, more sophisticated and supports far more platforms than the previous one.
As we might not be mass producing packages anytime soon, the new version has been uploaded online for download. Visit - . Please download and send feedback.
In case you are not aware of the content of the  discs:
The DVD contains (fully indexed and searchable)

  • Hundreds of articles sourced from,
  • Over 5000 fatawa sourced from,
  • Over 100 lectures in 4 languages,
  • 12 Juzz Amma recitations in indigenous intonation (Adabi, Markazi, Hausa etc with WONDERFUL Tajweed),
  • Qur'an text in English and Arabic language
  • A robust Islamic quiz application (almost 1000 questions with explanation)

For every ayah of the qur'an:

  • Structural Similarity (Mutashaabihaat)
  • Semantic Similarity (Meaning)
  • Tafseer in English (ibn Katheer)
  • Tafseer in Arabic (ibn Katheer, Jalalain and Qurtubi)
  • Sababun-Nuzuul (Occasions of Revelation)
  • Index terms
  • Qur'an Transliteration
  • Qur'an Translation (English, Hausa and Yoruba)
  • Audio recitation by Shaykh Khalil Husori

...and all power and glory belongs to Allaah
The Edawah Foundation