Eid Mubaarak

Mon, 06/03/2019 - 23:40 -- dawahnigeria


 We came, we saw and we conquered. All praises are due to Allah who counts us among those that witnessed and fasted this 1440 Ramadan. May Allah accept it from us as an act of ibadah. Who knows whether this one is the last or not! Dear brethren, let us know that it is Ramadan that ended, righteous deeds never end. Dear ikhwah, let us peruse the below pieces of advice :

1. Let us endeavour to retain and maintain the main lesson of Ramadan which is piety and being God-fearing.

2. Let us continue observing our daily salat in congregation as we did in Ramadan.

3. Let us be persistent in our night prayers - Tahajjud - as this moves one closer to Allah. Tahajjud is not restricted to Ramadan alone. Jurthum bn Nashir a Sahabi who died while on Sujud, this happened to him not in Ramadan.

4. Let us be persistent in Quranic recitation even though it may be at slow pace compared to that of Ramadan. Never live for a day without reading some pages from the book of Allah.

5. Sadaqah, spending on Allah's cause, feeding of the poor, sponsoring of Islamic programs etc. should not go on vacation after Ramadan.

6. All these Tafsir sittings, learning circles, weekend lectures etc. should not be restricted to Ramadan.

7. Exchange of gifts increase true love and solid Islamic brotherhood. We should continue this after Ramadan. We give and take.

8. We have time for our family during Ramadan. We reach home before Maghrib and quickly rush home after Tarawih. Women love this. Let us keep it up after Ramadan.

9. Don't let us go back to sins or evils we have abandoned and repented from for a complete month of Ramadan. Going back to those sins is like a dog who goes back and consumes its vomit.

10. Finally, let us forgive all those who might have offended us knowingly or unknowingly as we also sought Allah's forgiveness during laylatul Qadr. Allahumma Innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa'afu anna.

O Allah! Accept all our acts of worship in Ramadan. O Allah! Accept our fasting, salat, prayers, sadaqah, Tilawatul Qur'an, Spreading of knowledge among other righteous deeds. O Allah! Forgive us where we err, Act ignorantly or follow our whimsical desires.

تقبل الله منا ومنكم 

Written by Ustadh Rasheed Hashim