Ramadan 1435AH - dawahcast updates

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:48 -- dawahnigeria
Alhamdulillaahi we are alive to witness the glorious month. May Allaah increase us in faith, piety and let us witness many more of coming Ramadan.
Dawahcasting has been going on at blazing speed. 
The e-Tafseer project has been ongoing since Day 01. You can followup on DAILY Ramadan 1435AH tafseer sessions of several resource persons online.
We have uploaded more than 50G of past lectures (jumat, halqah etc) in various lectures of various resource persons in various languages (including over 20 past Ramadan Tafseer Series!!!). We have also increased our Qur'an recitation series in NATIVE NIGERIAN INTONATION to 26!!!.
To enable you reach your desired lecture faster, we have done major structural changes to the portal, implemented a "Browse" page for you to see an overview of all lectures and we have implemented a superb faceted search (please try it out! :)- ).

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